ANNOUNCEMENT: Welcome to Girl Meets Cats! Check out our latest article on 17 dangerous and toxic foods for cats (and dogs).

Welcome to Girl Meets Cats!

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March 22, 2013

Welcome! | Chatting about raw, primal, and organic living. |

Hello and welcome. Here, we will show and take you step-by-step through DIY projects to build and create awesome home decor and accessories for cats and dogs, recommend various products and websites to use, and discuss everything from food and supplementation to illnesses and diseases. We take a holistic and natural approach to these topics in hopes that you will understand the importance of an ancestral and primal diet for animals and the importance of using products that are not only animal-friendly, but also environment-friendly. At the top, we have dropdown menus for easy navigation through the site. Just hover over the main categories and you can view various topics. Happy learning!

Girl Meets Cats | Discussing raw feeding, natural care, and life with cats. |

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