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Why I Avoid Commercial Brands of Pet Food

Category: Raw Feeding
July 26, 2014

Why I Avoid Commercial Brands of Pet Food | The dangers of commercially-prepared food for domesticated animals. |

Commercial pet food advertisements test my patience and reduce my tolerance for their promotional messages. Companies will lie to and manipulate the naive consumer into believing their products are healthy and nutritious. Dinner is not, in fact, a convenient tab flip away. The majority of us choose lazy and convenient lifestyles and diets, full of overly-processed, preservative-filled, and nutrient-deficient ingredients. To make matters worse, we take a similar approach to feeding our animal pals. Of course, not all brands are created equal and some are better than others. For example, we cannot compare commercial brands such as Whiskas, 9Lives, and Meow Mix to Orijen, Evo, and Wellness. The former are made of ingredients you can't imagine---newspapers, rodents, zoo animals, toxic preservatives, and cats and dogs! The latter brands are better when compared to grain-filled brands with preservatives and meat byproducts. They are NOT better when compared to feeding cats and dogs raw diets. Having complete control over a pet's nutritional intake is incomparable and totally satisfying. So fresh, so primal, so evolutionary; nothing like it. Stay tuned for a discussion on meat byproduct ingredients.

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