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Pros and Cons of Feeding Raw

Category: Raw Feeding
August 19, 2014

Pros and Cons of Feeding Raw | The many benefits of raw feeding and a few cautions to take into account. |

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It comes as a surprise to us raw feeders when others wonder why we take such pride and interest in an evolutionary diet. We read about it. Study it. We create delectable-looking plates for our carnivore friends. I can't imagine the suffering of an animal being fed dry kibble or canned food for an entire lifespan; especially those of commercial brands. They have no choice and no voice to say otherwise.

In recent years, there has been a shift towards a better, healthier lifestyle---a movement of organic, raw, fair-trade, farm-to-table, etc. Individuals are realizing that we have strayed too far from a natural lifestyle to a consumerist one. I'm happy such a shift is taking place, but living life simply and naturally shouldn't come as a surprise. Even still, people need to be persuaded and educated on such a natural thing as a primal diet. This applies to us and to animals alike. All your answers are in Nature. Once, when exploring a healthy lifestyle diet, someone asked me, "Do sandwiches grow on trees?". Well, of course not. So, then simplify your choices to be as close to an ancestral diet as possible---raw fruits and vegetables, organic grains, fresh and pure meat, handmade and homemade. Animals do not eat dry kibble or canned meat in the wild. Hunters and carnivores do not eat grains or vegetables or fruits. Follow this.  It is so simple and the only way that makes complete sense. It saddens me to think animals are being forced to eat this trash.

Some will argue that cats and dogs LOVE the taste of processed food and the sound of a kibble bag shaking, but remember, these have addictive properties and are poor choices for all animals. Just because animals run to the sound of the opening of a can or the rustling of a bag doesn't mean that the food offered is good. They do this out of habit and conditioning. Of course, starved and abandoned animals are better off on these foods than going hungry, but I am referring here strictly to domesticated animals that have a meal waiting for them every day. Ultimately, all animals should be eating a diet as close to an ancestral and primal one as possible.

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