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My First Hare Today/My Pet Carnivore Ordering Experience

Category: Raw Feeding
December 5, 2014

My First Hare Today/My Pet Carnivore Ordering Experience | Our first ordering experience with Hare Today! |

With tripe being backordered from BRB for several weeks now, I was reluctantly forced to look elsewhere. Having heard of 'Hare Today' and 'My Pet Carnivore', I was curious about these two raw-oriented companies, so they were my go-to. Since going raw, we have established a few sources of raw meat, mainly Whole Foods, a couple of grocery stores, and a local butcher shop. So, I never felt the need to go elsewhere as ordering raw food equals high shipping costs. You know what, the costs are totally worth it (they're not that high either)! Once I saw the variety offered, I was in awe. I spent hours on these two sites---a raw feeder's heaven.

Whole carcasses ground up with feet, bones, and feathers/fur.

Pet parents completely get this. I ordered a bit of everything for our carnivores ---goat, duck, chicken, beef, rabbits, quail, etc. Both of these companies are incredibly dedicated to offering hormone-free, steroid-free, antibiotic-free, domestic meat. Everything is either local or within the United States, from own farms, neighbor farms, and USDA-inspected facilities. Grocery stores and butcher shops, as thankful as I am to them for offering what they do, won't sell raw not meant for human consumption----so, we can't get secreting organs, ground up chicken feet and tracheas, and green tripe from them (in addition to dozens of other raw prey). These two use the entire animal, so nothing is wasted. Coarse and fine ground mixes include the animal's meat, bones, and organs. I can't imagine anywhere else I could get ground up tracheas, chicken feet, and gullets. All are natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin. And I was even considering ordering a supplement for our former tomcat, who suffers from arthritic stiff joints due to his pre-rescue rough life. Now, I don't have to. This was a journey to a whole new world. Now, we just wait for and happily await our order. Stay tuned for photographs, videos, and articles!

Go visit their sites!

My Pet Carnivore
Hare Today

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