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Hare Today Order Review

Category: Raw Feeding
January 5, 2015

Hare Today Order Review | Received our first order from Hare Today! |

After a two-week holiday break full of family, friends, and unbelievable food, we are back! Happy 2015, everyone.

Our local sources for raw, although of invaluable help, constantly leave me wanting more variety. After researching several online vendors that provide raw diets for domesticated animals, I contently set on Hare Today and My Pet Carnivore. Shortly after, we placed a rather large order with Hare Today (My Pet Carnivore is next) and have received our anticipated order. Here are the pros and cons prior to feeding the carnivores. These do not include recommended products as we have not tried any of them yet.


  • Correct Weights: Using my handy-dandy scale, I weighed several ordered products and their weights are right on.
  • Variety: I cannot get most of these products anywhere else.
  • Shipping Costs: Shipping was surprisingly less than expected, but we may opt for the 2-day transit next time.


  • Moderate Thawing: We chose the 3-day transit versus the 2-day transit (due to cost) and were warned that this may happen, yet the raw received is fresh and still somewhat frozen.
  • Bag Tearing: A few of the vacuum-sealed and meat mix bags were a bit torn on various sides from shipping and handling, equaling a bit of a bloody mess to clean.
  • Clean-up Time: Cleaning took much longer than anticipated as we had to clean off anything and everything the raw touched.

Our takeaway from the first order would be to go for the 2-day transit next time (maybe) and order larger 2-5lb bags versus the 1lb bags that tend to thaw out faster. I'd say expect some thawing and in turn, a bit of a mess and hope that the bags are fully sealed. Overall, I am happy with the order; just a few small nuisances. A little thawing isn't a big deal and the variety of raw meats/parts offered more than compensates for it. Also, you will notice that the cons are in no way the company's fault. The thawing and resulting mess are due to our choosing of a 3-day transit. The company is very specific about its transit times and it is recommended to go for the 2-day transit. The small tears in the bag are due to FedEx handling/shipping. They toss those heavy boxes around and there are bound to be some dents.

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