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11 Reasons to Feed the Frankenprey Raw Meat Diet

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November 17, 2014

11 Reasons to Feed the Frankenprey Raw Meat Diet | Animals forced to eat commercially-made food are dying and suffering; eating raw is the only way to live a healthy life. |

There are dozens of reasons to switch to a raw diet and never look back. Here are just a number of them.

1. INSTINCTUAL DIET. This is the expected diet as Nature requires. Forget what the commercials tell you; it's all manipulation. You know better. Those of us eating a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, organic homemade foods, and cutting out sugars, gluten, and salt and replacing them with fresh juices are living longer, having more energy, and are feeling alive. Animals are not excused from this. It is heartbreaking that animals are diabetic, have chronic IBS or heart conditions, and are developing cancers. I will repeat myself over and over that cats are strict carnivores. They cannot and should not be fed grains. They need raw prey, either whole or created through the Frankenprey process.

2. NO MORE CONSTIPATION AND DIARRHEA. Domesticated animals are experiencing chronic constipation and diarrhea. Straining to defecate is dangerous, believe it or not. Not only is the toxic fecal matter not able to exit the body, but straining leads to impacted anal glands, an increase in blood pressure, possible heart issues, fainting, vomiting, ruptured/prolapsed GI tracts, and hemorrhoids, to name the least. Diarrhea leads to a loss of electrolytes and water, dehydration, and potential organ failure. Canned foods are likely to cause diarrhea and dry foods will cause constipation. Once you switch to a raw meat diet, both constipation and diarrhea will be history. Stool odor will be no more.

3. NO MORE VOMITING. Cats and dogs gobble up dry kibble so quickly that any proposed advantages of dry kibble cleaning teeth goes out the window. They do not chew dry food. Raw meat must be chewed properly and animals that tend to eat quickly are forced to eat slowly, thereby eliminating their chronic vomiting post-feeding. Also, raw meat is easily and properly digested by animals, lessening the risk of vomiting.

4. HEALTHY GUMS AND TEETH. As stated previously, the majority of cats and dogs don't chew dry kibble, so its proposed benefit of helping keep teeth clean is false. Canned food is filled with chemicals, preservatives, and grains that not only promote dental caries and plaque, but also lead to tartar accumulation. Raw food is great for oral health. Raw muscle meat massages gums and promotes blood flow to the mouth. Bones scrape the teeth and gum, ridding of tartar and strengthening the gums. The jaw also strengthens from consistent chewing.

5. INCREASED ACTIVITY AND ENERGY. "You are what you eat". When we change our diets and lifestyles to those revolving around organic produce, healthy alternatives, and functional exercise, we completely change. When cats and dogs eat a raw meat diet or Frankenprey meals, they are transformed from zombies to energetic, active, healthy creatures. They are happier, more active and agile, and energetic. Cats at ten years of age are acting like kittens---playing with toys, interacting with each other, running around. Being fed the Frankenprey diet, cats are getting their required intakes of probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. They are deficient in nothing.

11 Reasons to Feed the Frankenprey Raw Meat Diet | Animals forced to eat commercially-made food are dying and suffering; eating raw is the only way to live a healthy life. |

6. DIGESTIVE IMPROVEMENTS. Those not feeding a raw diet to cats and dogs usually do not feed at specific times per day, but leave out food indefinitely, allowing animals to snack when desired. This is so wrong! Where in Nature have you ever seen a wild animal take down a prey, snack on it, come back dozens of times per day, and snack on it some more? Animals eat their prey and move on. This is repeated the next time an animal is hungry or needs to feed the young ones. Cats that are left dry or canned food to eat will snack on it all day, constantly confusing and revving up their gastrointestinal tracts---food is coming in, peristalsis begins, and they attempt to use the bathroom, left to straining and subsequent constipation. Cats and dogs need to eat in bulk to produce bulk. Animals must eat an entire raw meal to produce a bolus---large mass of chewed up food. This bolus will act on the GI system to propel the chewed up food down the digestive tract. Thus, when animals must defecate, the fecal matter will be the remnants of the food bolus. It will be large enough to create fecal matter that can be easily expelled from the body, thereby expressing the animal's anal glands. Anal gland impaction is too common when there is no reason for it to be. Raw feeders will feed cats and dogs twice a day, morning and evening, about 12 hours apart. Some will feed raw three times a day. I don't think this is necessary unless you are dealing with kittens, underweight/malnutritioned animals, or perhaps in some other circumstances. Leaving food out for the entire day is also unsanitary---pests like flies and cockroaches vomit and feed on their food, spreading bacteria and parasite larvae all over the place. Dust and dirt also set onto the food. It's best to feed, clean, be done.

7. SHINY COAT, HEALTHY SKIN. A properly balanced raw diet leads to a shiny and soft coat, less shedding, and healthy skin. Skin and fur need nutrition just like every organ in the body and a Frankenprey diet will give animals just that. Our cats' veterinarian is amazed at the softness and silkiness of their fur. I just say, 'We feed raw!'.

11 Reasons to Feed the Frankenprey Raw Meat Diet | Animals forced to eat commercially-made food are dying and suffering; eating raw is the only way to live a healthy life. |

8. NATURE'S SUPERFOOD AND MULTIVITAMIN. The raw meat diet is unprocessed, uncooked, primal, and highly beneficial to animals. Everything is in complete balance. For example, tripe is extremely high in probiotics and enzymes. Enzymes are also present in raw muscle meat and organs. Livers are superfoods, acting as storage for fat-soluble vitamins as A, D, E, and K as well as water-soluble C and B vitamins. These organs have plenty of minerals like zinc, selenium, copper, and iron. Kidneys have similar nutritional benefits as livers. Not only that, but kidneys and livers are detoxifying organs that will help in elimination of accumulated toxins and inorganic minerals in the body. You won't need to supplement this diet.

9. NO CHEMICALS, PRESERVATIVES, OR BYPRODUCTS. The majority of processed and prepared cat and dog foods contain inedible byproducts as fur, hooves, newspapers, dead animals, etc. While some may say that byproduct meals also mean organs and carcasses of animals, this also means that meat" not acceptable for human consumption" is being used. "Not acceptable" meat belongs to disabled, dead, and diseased animals. It belongs to domesticated animals as cats and dogs, road kill, and zoo animals. I respect my buddies too much to give them something I wouldn't eat. It is completely inhumane and unethical to knowingly or unknowingly support the torturing, suffering, and killing of sick livestock and prey animals. Vitamins and minerals used in canned and dry food are synthetic. They do not come close to pure vitamins and minerals acting synergistically in Frankenprey meats and organs. Time and time again, researchers are linking chemicals and preservatives to chronic conditions and cancers. Many preservatives found in foods are known carcinogens. Other ingredients, like grains, are used as fillers and cause systemic and skin allergies and inflammatory diseases as IBS.

10. HEALTHY KIDNEYS; HYDRATED BODY. Dry food absorbs water from the body, dehydrating cats and dogs. Canned food is sticky and high in sodium, leading to dehydration. Dehydration is life-threatening. There is so much pressure placed on kidneys and other organ systems in the body that animals are suffering in silence. Raw meat contains moisture, blood, and isn't dehydrating at all.

11. NO MORE WEIGHT ISSUES. Well, the world as a whole is getting fatter and fatter. Sadly, domesticated animals are suffering too. Convenient and easy lifestyles have infected how animals are cared for. Processed and commercially prepared food disrupts the digestive system and slows down metabolism. Funny how those not feeding raw warn raw feeders about cholesterol and saturated fat, but animals on the raw diet are seldom overweight. Cats and dogs being force-fed canned and dry food are overweight and are either suffering or will suffer from diabetes, inflammatory diseases, heart disease, joint damage due to inorganic mineral deposits, and other metabolic conditions. Extra weight comes from processed food, lack of activity and energy, and a complete disruption of body systems. You are knowingly feeding your furry friends and companions into the ground.

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