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10 Important Reasons to Order from Raw Paws Pet Food® - UPDATED

Category: Raw Feeding
November 10, 2015

10 Important Reasons to Order from Raw Paws Pet Food® - UPDATED |

IMPORTANT UPDATE (December 20, 2015): It has come to my attention that Raw Paws® now offers dry kibble pet food for cats and dogs. As raw feeders and proponents of the raw diet, we DO NOT support processed canned and dry food for cats and dogs. There are dire and desperate times when freeze-dried and processed foods may be used---power outages due to storms and hurricanes, travel without available freezers, when you have no food available at all, etc. Processed food should NEVER be fed on a daily or consistent basis. I believe raw feeders should teach other pet parents about the numerous benefits of raw food.

While I applaud the company for offering raw products, adding processed food to their inventory is hypocritical---claiming that raw food is best, yet offering convenient vegetable- and fruit-filled processed kibble at the same time. True raw-feeders do not take this lightly.

Girl Meets Cats™ articles featuring Raw Paws® have been removed/updated. I need my readers to know that we do not support companies offering processed foods for cats and dogs.

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