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About Girl Meets Cats™:

About Girl Meets Cats | girlmeetscats.comAbout Girl Meets Cats | girlmeetscats.comAbout Girl Meets Cats |

Girl Meets Cats™ is a website and blog designed for individuals interested in alternative medicine, nutrition and raw feeding for cats, and natural care for cats.

Here, you will find everything you need to know to become the best raw feeder and parent for cats---from Frankenprey to whole prey diets, natural care for cats, and cat-related home decor and accessories.

  • Guidelines, tutorials, and instructables on raw feeding, nutrition, and transitioning from processed food to a raw diet.

    • Whole Prey Diet

      Frankenprey Model Diet

      Prey Model Diet (aka 80/10/10 Diet)

      Homemade Complete Ground Raw Meals

      Ready-Made Ground Raw Mixes and Grinds

      Discussions on hypoallergenic raw diets as well as complete proteins (raw and unpasteurized goat’s milk, raw green tripe, ground whole raw eggs, etc.)

      In-depth discussions on nutrition and benefits of feeding raw organs, muscle meats, and bones from livestock and poultry---focusing on GMO-free, organic, humanely-raised, hormone- and antibiotic-free sources.

  • DIY step-by-step instructions and recipes on natural care and homemade remedies (i.e., goldenseal/Echinacea wound washes, all-natural toothpastes, dry paws salves, chamomile and calendula eye washes, colostrum-infused ear creams, etc.).
  • Articles featuring various cat-approved and cat-friendly home decor and accessories for behavioral training to keep your energetic, raw-fed cat stimulated and active.

Our philosophy is animals, both wild and domesticated, must eat a primal, ancestral diet as Nature and evolution always intended. While wild animals hunt for their prey and consume it alive, as pet parents we can offer several less graphically and gut-wrenching alternatives; namely the whole raw prey diet, the Frankenprey diet, and others that mimic the diet of domesticated feline and canine relatives. Cats and dogs are innately wild animals; they are primal creatures and their instinctual and biological nature is ingrained into their genetic material. It is vital and essential to their health and wellbeing that cats and dogs be fed a raw diet. Cats and dogs being force-fed a diet of processed food are severely deficient in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that can only be found in the raw diet. This is due to the overly-processed, synthetic, byproduct-, carbohydrate-, and carcinogen preservative-filled meat substitutes that lurk in every meal the animal is fed. Such ingredients are unrecognized by the body and lead to systemic inflammation, poor nutrient absorption, and complete body homeostasis disruption.

About Girl Meets Cats | girlmeetscats.comAbout Girl Meets Cats | girlmeetscats.comAbout Girl Meets Cats |

Everything you read on the Girl Meets Cats™ website is from our own experiences and opinions. We are not endorsed, affiliated, or associated with any individuals or companies mentioned on this website.

About Me:

My name is Olesya G. In 2013, I graduated with a doctorate degree in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences; becoming a licensed pharmacist shortly thereafter. Prior to that, I graduated and received my bachelor's degree in microbiology with minors in chemistry, anthropology, and public health. I specialize in medical writing and pharmacy consultation, but my love and passion run deep for natural medicine and animal nutrition. I also indulge in graphic and typography design.

After graduation, I didn't want to work for just another community or clinical pharmacy. And so, in 2013, Girl Meets Cats™ began. I specialize in cat care and nutrition as well as natural medicine with years of experience in raw feeding, herbal remedies, and natural care for cats. Our goal at Girl Meets Cats™ is to share everything we learn and know about cat nutrition and care---from personal experiences to medical literature and findings.

Our cats were either rescued or adopted by us when others abandoned them. So, each one has a heart-breaking and heart-warming tale that led him or her to us. To live a happy and healthy life, cats require not only proper nutrition and natural care, but physical and mental exercise. We provide our guys with excellent care, the best nutrition, and a clean and safe home environment. I constantly strive to make every day better for them; and in turn, for myself.

If you have any questions, email us at or use the contact form found here.

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